still in love with you...

But your smile still makes my heart sing
Another sad song
I can't forget it, won't regret it
'Cuz I'm still in love with you

You know how much these words touched my heart...
our lifetime, we are moving from one relationship to another.
Sharing and spending months or sometimes years of our lives with different people who we fell in love with.

if the relationship s strong.
we find really hard to see an end.
thats why people suffering coz of love...
But more often than not,
we find ourselves looking back at one relationship that has silently remained in the crevices of our hearts.
you will never cry coz of her. but it will be the best way..


Lishan Puwakowita said...

um not goin 2 say much buddy. the only word tht i can say is same here.

Ansh Lucky Sri Jay said...

A good post, and nothing much to explain when it comes to this topic..
Finally I will end this as, u are not the only person but SAME HERE..!!

වන්නි said...

Why did you tag this blog as "Broken English". Who says this is broken? Where the language breaks, there begins a new literacy... (in my point of view)

Really good writing man... :)

Thilina Madhushankha said...

No new comments here too.
& yes, pls remove dat "broken English." part.