Screw You... HighChair Busterds..

In the Evening i wait till the Clock showing me 5pm. Then I suddenly reming about the Cricket Match, and type cricinfo URL there are some Interesting thought from Anjana. hope share it with you.

"The current situation with Sri Lankan cricket is not something which has just come out of the blue. There may have been several factors that may have triggered the recent catastrophe but the underlying cause is something that has been building up pressure for a long time.

The mismanagement politics and corruption in the administration is the root issue for this and we saw glimpses of player frustration coming out in the form of Sangakkara's resignation and his subsequent speech at the MCC as well as Trevor Bayliss's comment after he left his tenure as coach.

Otherwise there was no reason for successful captains such as Mahela and Sangakkara stepping down when they were on the top of their game. Players have been fighting against the tide and performing well for years and years but no it seems have gotten so bad that they've lost their will to fight anymore and it is showing in the way of their performances now.

The best example for this is that the cricketers still have not been paid for their appearances in the world cup and all subsequent tours. Did you hear any of them complaining about it publicly? No. That shows the respect they have for their team and country. And some people complain that the players as greedy for going to play in the IPL. They need to realize that for the past 8 months all these guys have been playing for their country for free and these are professional sportsmen mind you and it is their livelihood."
Yes, They Lost to Pakistan but we have to salute them. Like all the Professionals professional cricketers must pay their salaries.


Screw you.. 
HighChair Busterds who destroying the Game...