Lie and the truth

people hear what they like to hear no matter its a lie
people tell others what others like to hear no matter its a life
but they cant ignore the self evidence till they die.............

My friend "Sula" adding these phrases to her buzz. i saw these few words and i start thinking about liars and the truth.
I type a my reply
anyone can say any thing.
sometimes it is for our own benefit.
sometimes it is for the benefit of the others
lastly the lie could be anything
coz others will not able to understand the truth.
think twice before you blame to a liar.....
the best thing is do not try understand a lie. just try to  understand why anyone lie to you and reason of lying. the Reason will solve everything.

be a friends before to be lover
NB :- sorry about my bad English. my mother tongue is Sinhala..


sulakshi said...

all the best for your new approach looking forward to see useful stuff here.....
and thanks for the inspiration....

Ansh Lucky Sri Jay said...

All the best..!! u are managing it well.., don't worry go ahead..!!

සචී said...

Hey hey...why worry about the language?? I don't see any reason why you should apologise for the so called 'Bad English"!!
I appreciate your effort very much!
All the best.

Now, regarding 'lie'..I personally do not approve telling lies to your loved ones, even if the truth might be painful. It's better to face the painful truth rather than to be deceived by a joyful lie. It is because the pain you are going to experience when you learn that you had been deceived, will be greater than the pain caused by the unpleasant truth.